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Tunnel Trap L-Pins - Pack of 10

Tunnel Trap L-Pins - Pack of 10


Spare L-pins for our Flat and Round Bottom Tunnel Traps, always handy to have within easy reach. Pack of 10.

  • Product Information

    Tunnel Trap L-Pins are prone to going missing and we've all had times when we are wasting time searching about for them, knowing how difficult they are to find in the field and wishing we just had a spare in our pocket!


    The spare L-pins will save you money as you no longer have to discard traps with them missing. 


    These L-pins are adaptable to other makes of tunnel traps although it is highly likely that the traps will need a bit of tweaking/ adjustments to operate properly.


    Suitable for round bottom and flat bottom tunnel traps.   Free UK Postage on this item.

  • Top Tip!

    Always carry spare L-pins with you in the field so that you don't have to waste your time going back or looking for them when you are busy.  


    When you attach the new L-Pin we recommend that you give it a little squeeze with some pliers to tighten up the end to help avoid it coming off the trap again in the future.

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