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Scissor Trap

Scissor Trap


Our Scissor Mole Trap is efficient, reliable, and humane.

  • Product Information

    Effective and Precise
    Our Scissor Mole Trap is a highly effective tool for mole control. Its scissor-like design ensures that once triggered, it swiftly and humanely dispatches the moles. 


    Easy to Set
    Setting up our Scissor Mole Trap is a breeze. Just simply locate the run, open it up and place the trap. Enjoy the simplicity of a well-crafted tool that doesn't require complex instructions.


    Quality Craftsmanship
    We take pride in offering a product that's not only effective but also built to last. Our Scissor Mole Trap is constructed from top-quality materials, making it a durable, long-term solution to mole problems in your garden.

    Safe and Humane
    Our Scissor Mole Trap has a large strong spring to ensures that captured moles are dispatched instantly and there is no prolonged suffering. Protect your garden while treating wildlife with the respect it deserves.


    Versatile Application
    This trap is suitable for both professionals and homeowners looking to tackle mole problems. It's a reliable choice for anyone who demands a humane and efficient solution to mole infestations.

  • Top Tip!

    Once set in the mole run, take the turf that you cut out to set your trap and cut it in two pieces, then place back over the trap as a lid,  making sure you place them so that the trap can still spring off.


    Also, if you are having poor trap success, try cutting off or bending the point in the middle of the trigger so that there is less surface area for the mole to detect.

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