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Rat Trap - Pack of 2

Rat Trap - Pack of 2


This style of rat trap is designed to catch and humanely dispatch the rat instantly.  Pack of 2. 

  • Product Information

    These rat traps are made with top-quality materials, ensuring durability and long-lasting performance.


    The strong springs guarantee an efficient and humane kill if set correctly, while the simple setup of just pull the bar back and its set makes it a breeze for use by both professionals and domestic users.


    Rat traps not only help to keep on top of your pest issues, but also contribute to a safer environment as they avoid the use of harmful products.

  • Product Notes

    Sold as a pack of 2.


    Our rat traps are also compatible with most trap boxes on the market.

  • Top Tip!

    We recommend that you Bait your rat traps to help get a faster result.


    We would suggest that you use bait with an aroma that will stand out from the surroundings, such as chocolate , liquorish , peanut butter etc., as this triggers the rat's curiosity and will help to catch them quicker.


    It is always better to put your traps in a secure place or trap boxes to eliminate the risk of other animals getting caught in them by accident.

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