About Us

Hello , We are the Andrew's - Andrew Sutherland & Andrew McDonald.

Andrew Sutherland is a full time Gamekeeper on a traditional Country Estate in the heart of the Scottish Highlands as well as being a great Mole Catcher and Vermin controller, and is a keen Country Sportsman himself.

Andrew McDonald was also originally a Gamekeeper but now runs a company performing Pest Control and Deer Management in the Highlands of Scotland. He has a keen interest in country pursuits and is a fond lover of a spot of shooting and fishing.

We are both keen and passionate mole catchers who live in the stunning Highlands of Scotland and have worked alongside each other for more than 12 years.  We have a passion for all aspects of countryside. 

In 2017 Paul Stanford set up UK Putange Supplies and began importing and distributing quality Putange traps to fellow mole catchers.  As the appeal grew for the French Putange trap, Paul was constantly asked if I could source other humane and affordable traps, which set him on the path to where we are today being the best place to get quality traps and accessories at  the best prices possible.   We were very fortunate to be able to take over UK Putange Supplies  from Paul at the start of 2022. 

All the traps we sell are sourced with these important factors in mind - Clean and Humane dispatch & Affordability.

We are dedicated to bringing you a range of great quality products at the best prices possible and we look to always try and keep a great stock of items and introduce new products along the way.

What sets us apart from many other distributors of mole traps in the UK is that we are mole catchers first!  This means we can and we will provide guidance and advice on any of the traps we sell and use on a daily basis in the field.   

As used by Alan Jones!

Here at UK Putange Supplies we are very fortunate that we have the opportunity to work alongside one of the best and greatest mole catchers in the United Kingdom, Mr Alan Jones.

Alan only uses our traps and achieves incredible results. His catch rate is phenomenal, testament to both his skill and the quality of our traps.

Alan also runs practical mole catching courses in the beautiful Welsh countryside. Both Andrew and Andrew have attended his course and experienced his extensive mole catching knowledge.  Contact us for Alan’s details.