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Fly Trap Bags - 2 pack

Fly Trap Bags - 2 pack


Introducing the incredible Fly Trap Bag, a non-toxic insect control solution perfect for outdoor use. 2 pack.

  • Product Information

    A non-toxic solution perfect for outdoor use around bins, dog kennels, homes or in and around large outbuildings like farm sheds, stables, and cattle sheds etc. This powerful bag can hold over 20,000 flies, providing you with effective fly control.


    It's super easy to use, making it a hassle-free option for keeping your space fly-free. Just simply add the sachet of attractor and fill the bag half way with water them place the red square in the holes on the top so there is a small crawl gap and hang it up.

  • Product Notes

    Our Fly Trap Bags are sold in packs of 2.


    We would recommend not to hang it in front of any doors or windows just with the simple fact that they don't smell the most pleasant at times.

  • Top Tip!

    Use warm water straight from the tap (NOT HOT) when filling the bag as we found this seems to help activate the attractor better in the sachet and start catching flies faster.

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