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Flat Bottom Tunnel Traps

Tunnel traps, Barrel traps or Duffus traps, there are a few names for these however we like to call them The Flat Bottom Tunnel trap.  Alongside the Round Loop Tunnel Trap, these are one of the best traps available on the market today.

We supply a huge amount of these traps across the country to some of the best mole catchers in the UK. The reason these traps are loved so much is because of Quality, Design and Price.



This Round Loop trap is made from a High Quality Galvanised steel, helping to withstand the hard work it is put through by the mole catcher.


The flat bottom catch loop trap that we offer is designed to be put to work straight away fresh out the box.

The great thing about the design of the trap is that when you place your trap in the mole run which you have opened up it sits there and doesn't fall over or go lop sided which is a huge help and time saving when trying to bed your trap in the run correctly.


We always aim to have the best price on the market for these traps. We understand that traps get broken, damaged and even stolen that is why we bring to you the best of both worlds with a quality trap at an affordable price. 

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Whilst these traps can be used straight out of the box, they can also be tweaked a little if required.  We like to bend our triggers forward ever so slightly  - it's just personal preference gained from years of mole-catching experience.

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