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Fly Paper Rolls - 2 pack

Fly Paper Rolls - 2 pack


Fly Paper Rolls: Non-Toxic, Effortless, and Ultra Effective!  Sold in units of 2 packs of 4 (8 rolls).

  • Product Information

    Attractively Patterned

    Why settle for plain fly paper when you can have a decorative solution? Our Fly Paper Rolls feature a charming flower pattern that not only attracts flies but also adds a touch of elegance to your indoor spaces.


    Non-Toxic and Safe

    Our fly paper is completely non-toxic and safe for all. You can finally eliminate flies without compromising the health and safety of your loved ones, pets, or colleagues. Breathe freely with Fly Paper Rolls!


    Easy to Use

    Using our Fly Paper Rolls couldn't be simpler. Just unroll, hang it in the problem areas, and let the pattern do the rest. No need for complex setups or maintenance. It's an easy way to keep your space fly-free without the fuss and because there is 4 rolls in every pack there is plenty to go round.


    Versatile Application

    Designed for indoor use, our Fly Paper Rolls are perfect for homes, offices, kitchens, restaurants, and more. Wherever flies are a nuisance, these rolls are your effective and attractive solution. 


    Easy Disposal

    After capturing those pesky flies, disposal is a breeze. Roll the used paper back up, and it's ready for disposal without mess or hassle.

  • Product Notes

    Our Fly Paper Rolls are sold in units of 2 packs of 4 rolls (8 rolls per unit ordered) offering the opportunity for good coverage. 

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