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Protective Gloves - Pack of 2 pairs

Protective Gloves - Pack of 2 pairs


Don't wait until you're in the field to realise the value of our Thin Protective Gloves.  Packs of 2 pairs.

  • Product Information

    Our Thin Protective Gloves are a Must Have for Mole Catchers and Pest Controllers!


    In the world of pest control, precision and protection are paramount. That's why our Thin Protective Gloves have become an essential tool for mole catchers and pest controllers everywhere. These gloves are more than just an accessory.


    Versatile Protection

    These gloves offer the ideal balance between dexterity and safeguarding. Designed to be thin and flexible, they allow you to handle your tools and traps with precision, ensuring your every move is calculated and effective. Perfect for mole catching as the thinness of them allows you to feel up the tunnels of the mole run to make sure there are no obstacles like stones in the way.


    Affordable Excellence

    Our Thin Protective Gloves are a cost-effective solution for everyday use. We understand the importance of having a supply of these gloves on hand for the rigorous demands of pest control. They're so affordable, you won't think twice about keeping a plentiful stock.

  • Product Notes

    Sold in units of 2 pairs.


    These gloves don't weigh much, so order them with other items and it may not affect your shipping charges!

  • Top Tip!

    These gloves can be worn over our high-quality Nitrile Gloves.


    This layered approach provides an added level of protection without compromising your ability to work efficiently. It's the best of both worlds.

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