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Mole Trap Markers - Pack of 50.

Mole Trap Markers - Pack of 50.


These markers are great for placing out to mark where you have set your mole trap.  Pack of 50.


  • Product Information

    Pack of 50. 

    Length 42cm.

    Available in orange, pink or yellow colour.


    These markers are used all over the UK by professional mole catchers as they stand out against grass fields & hedgerows making them easy to locate with their fluorescent brightness.


    The markers are 42cm long and hardly take up any space making them a great size for carrying about in your bags or boxes. 


    Free UK Postage on this item.

  • Top Tip!

    Use the different colours to help manage your traps better.


    For example,  you could use the orange ones for your Tunnel traps, pink for your Putange's and yellow for your Talpex.


    Alternatively, you could use one colour for a freshly laid trap, and another for an existing trap that you have reset to see if you have caught in the same location previously when you return.

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