Putange Setting Pliers

Putange Setting Pliers


Putange setting pliers for installing putange triggers

  • Product Information

    These dedicated pliers are essential for easy setting of triggers in putange traps.  They are designed with a notch to locate onto the putage traps, making them easy to open and install the triggers. 


    The time saved when using these pliers make them an invaluable addition to a mole-catchers toolbox, as well as helping to prevent injury when setting the highly sprung putanges.


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  • Top Tip!

    We recommend that you carry a spare pair of pliers in you trap box or on your vehicle as these are very easily lost in long grass.


    Also, wrap the handles of the pliers really tightly with coloured tape.  This makes them easier to see against the grass and provide a better grip in wet weather.

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