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The Putange Mole Trap

The Putange Mole Trap


The Putange mole trap is one of the most popular traps used in France and has been used for many decades. 

  • Product Information

    We have tested many different Putanges over the years with the help of some of the best mole catchers in the UK and we are confident that our Putange traps are among the best quality with excellent spring power and are made to last. 


    Although Putange traps can be a little bit fiddly and time consuming, they are great traps to use in high public areas, gardens and especially if there are children about as these are set underground and completely covered over.  The Putange trap is also a brilliant trap for helping to deal with that tricky to catch mole.

  • Product Notes


    We have just been hit with large price increase for Putange traps from the manufacturers.  We apologies for this price rise, over which we have no control.


    Each trap comes with one trigger.  Spare Triggers are available.


    NOTE:- If you are purchasing these traps for the first time, you will also require the Setting Pliers as these traps cannot be set by hand.

  • Top Tip!

    We recommend that you rust your Putange traps first before trying to set them as they can be very fiddly to set when new as the triggers like to jump out them.


    The best way we have found is to fill a bucket, tub or basin with hot water and add Salt to this to create a salted water. Then place the putange and triggers in this for 24hrs .After 24hrs remove the traps from the water and leave out and allow the air to do its work and let them oxidise slightly by leaving outside or in a garage or shed for 24hrs after this they should show rust spots and be a little bit easier to use.


    Another little tip is to tie on your trigger to your trap to help you not to lose it, but it's always worth having some spare triggers to hand just in case. 

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